The Emergis Mission

Raise Your Expectations

Does it feel like there’s a freestanding health clinic on every corner? The world certainly doesn’t need just another health facility with a different logo.

From the beginning, Emergis set its sights on becoming the ideal emergency care facility in the North Texas region. In a market where you can literally turn left or right and practically run into a clinic within minutes, why should you give Emergis a second thought?

Emergis asked, and patients said:

“Fast, professional care is great, but not if that comes with rude staff.”

“Access to equipment is wanted, but not if that comes with high costs and mediocre service.”

“Convenience is important, but not if physicians are incompetent.”

At Emergis you’ll certainly find board certified, experienced doctors… clean facilities… innovative technology… and fast medical care… But you’ll find a whole lot more: a personal connection throughout your entire medical experience.

Discover why Emergis patients leave delighted and tell others about how valued, cared for and safe they felt.