The Big ER Problem for Mental Health Patients

Busy triage nurses have a tough job: they have to quantify your suffering, measure it against the suffering of other people who happened to come to the emergency room when you did, and determine if someone else needs care before you do. That’s the reality of every hospital ER, every day.

In those conditions, no one suffers more than patients with mental health emergencies. Their conditions are not always accompanied with visible symptoms, but their effects on a patient can be debilitating, painful, and even life-threatening. Continue reading “The Big ER Problem for Mental Health Patients”

High ER Bill? Try “High Insurance Bill.” Why Your Insurance Company Isn’t Paying for Your Healthcare.


Emergency room co-pays are often higher than standard co-pays, depending on your plan. But they are built to be manageable so that you can go to a 24-hour emergency clinic when you need it. But everyone equates emergency rooms with costs that hurt as much as or more than the injury or illness that brought you there in the first place.

Why the balance bills?

The Texas Association of Freestanding Emergency Centers (TAFEC) is calling foul, saying that the blame isn’t on the ER’s shoulders—it’s the insurance company refusing to pay the bills covered in your plan. Continue reading “High ER Bill? Try “High Insurance Bill.” Why Your Insurance Company Isn’t Paying for Your Healthcare.”

Vacation Plans? Take an ER Plan with You

Pop quiz: What’s the #1 reason for visiting an emergency room near you while on vacation?

You may have thought injury—from snowboarding to scuba diving and everything in between, there are a lot of ways to get injured while on vacation. But you’d be wrong.

You may have thought illness—allergic reactions to new foods or being introduced to new germs happens all the time. But that’s still not it. Continue reading “Vacation Plans? Take an ER Plan with You”

Hospital ER vs. Freestanding ER Near Me: How Does the Care Compare?

There is a common myth deeply ingrained in the debate on hospital ERs vs. freestanding emergency departments, or “corner ERs.” The myth says that because a hospital ER has the rest of the hospital attached to it, you are more likely to get the care you need.

That’s not only inaccurate, but in most cases it is entirely false. Let’s break down a few inaccuracies related specifically to the type of care you receive in one facility versus another: Continue reading “Hospital ER vs. Freestanding ER Near Me: How Does the Care Compare?”

A Doctor’s Frank Discussion on ER Charges

Emergency department (ED) bills are controversial, in part, because it feels like a monopoly. People need care, they report to the one place available to get it, and families rack up bills that they can’t pay.

Things aren’t as the public assumes. EDs aren’t charging so much just because “they can.” Here is why, in my professional opinion, emergency departments have to charge as much as they do for the services they provide: Continue reading “A Doctor’s Frank Discussion on ER Charges”

Is the ER Enough? Surgeries, Specialized Equipment, and You

Emergencies are scary. Your body floods with hormones that spike your energy, fear, and anxiety. At that moment, you need to know that you can turn to someone you can trust.

This article will help you understand what an emergency room can handle—and what it can’t. Continue reading “Is the ER Enough? Surgeries, Specialized Equipment, and You”

Emergency Room Stroke Care: What to Expect

One of the biggest misconceptions about freestanding ERs is that they are the B team. The junior varsity group. The substandard substitute for a “real” ER tied to a hospital.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Freestanding ERs are staffed by emergency-trained and board-certified physicians, with all the equipment and medicine that you will find in a hospital ER. Continue reading “Emergency Room Stroke Care: What to Expect”

5 Reasons to Eat More Iron

In a world of caffeinated breakfasts and deep-fried dinners, Americans are lacking critical nutrients. But with just a few changes in the types of food you eat, you can skip the coffee in the morning and feel fuller in the evening, leading to weight loss and more money. (Wouldn’t you like to save $5 every day on coffee? That’s $1,825 a year!)

Let’s take a quick moment to examine the benefits of getting more iron, look at what foods deliver the iron you need, and give you a reason to pick up a salad on your next lunch break: Continue reading “5 Reasons to Eat More Iron”

Why You Should—And Shouldn’t—Visit Addison’s New Emergis ER

Addison, TX – Emergis ER opened its first location in Addison on August 8, 2016. Its second location opened in South Fort Worth on January 2, 2017. The third location will open in March 2017.

The Center for Disease Control says that there are 136.3 million emergency room visits per year—that means there are 259 visits per minute. There are 44.5 visits per 100 people in the United States, and only 27% of all ER patients are seen in under 15 minutes. But out of all those emergency room visits, only 12.1 million, or 11.9%, result in admission to a hospital. Continue reading “Why You Should—And Shouldn’t—Visit Addison’s New Emergis ER”

“Why Is My ER Bill So High?!” And 5 Other Things to Know Before You Go

The cost of an emergency room visit is one of the single-largest expenses most Americans will face. And while most people understand that there is a premium for on-demand expert medical care, it’s hard to pay a $595 ER bill when your doctor would have charged $127 for your case of acute bronchitis. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most-asked questions related to your emergency room visit, so you won’t be taken by surprise after your visit. Continue reading ““Why Is My ER Bill So High?!” And 5 Other Things to Know Before You Go”